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You CAN teach a child depth. 

You CAN give them tools and language to tap into their inner worlds. 

Stories are a great way to introduce them to concepts that may be hard to grasp because anything is possible in the world of stories...

Shiri Sher, mother of five, has been in the field of education for over twenty years.  Her journey into spirituality began while developing and implementing programs for youth at risk, who challenged her with existential questions about life.  These teens were thirsty for spiritual concepts that gave their life meaning and purpose.  And once their existential questions were addressed they often experienced a sense of wholeness and peace that they didn’t have before.  She realized that there had to be a way to help kids understand spiritual concepts in a child friendly way.  She then encountered the same problem when raising her own children.  How do you teach a child about God, or the meaning of life, or all the other essential questions and fundamental concepts that bring our lives meaning and purpose?  


This led to her journey of becoming an author of several children’s books about spiritual concepts.   Each book is designed to teach an important spiritual tool, which will help the child connect more deeply with themselves.  And each book contains a message to parents, and discussion questions, to help parents begin a dialogue with their child.  

Shiri Sher

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