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I LOVE this book!!! The story is such a great way for a child to understand their purpose in this world. Their existential existence is put into such a simple and easily understood story line. The message is beautiful and simple.  It's a guide for all children and adults.  I feel like I benifitted from reading this story!!!   The ending ties together these brilliantly explained principals with the Hebrew prayer of Modeh Ani that is typically recited as a morning prayer, making the prayer's meaning that much more profound...

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review for "The King's Secret Mission: The Story of Modeh Ani"

"What is a soul? Where does it go when you are asleep? How and why does it come back in the morning? What of its acknowledgement when it returns?  Why is that important?  And lastly, how does a parent answer these spiritually profound questions that a child may ask.

Shiri Sher, a Fair Lawn mother of five, 20-year-educator, and children's book author, addresses these questions in her beautifully illustrated new, self-published children's book, "The King's Secret Mission: The Story of Modeh Ani."

Jewish Link Article Excerpt by Heidi Mae Bratt

"The King's Secret Mission" is a beautifully presented book that conveys a timeless message to children of all ages- and adults too. Shiri Sher, an up-and-coming prolific children's book author, has recently penned several soulful and excellent books."

Jewish Press Book Review Excerpt by Ellie Wolf

This book is very surprising in its depth. I read it to my 3 and 6 year old, and after the first reading my 6 year old was amazed by the story! This book presents the concept of what our soul's job is, and how our soul and God interact (two highly deep and complicated subjects) in such a pure and simple way, without getting bogged down in difficult language or religious dogma or terminology. Children are always curious about their soul (if they know that term) and about how we can interact with an invisible God, and this story gives them a basis for how to start understanding those relationships. This is a highly valuable book, the likes of which I have never seen before packaged for children!

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This book beautifully articulates the importance of listening to your inner voice, an important skill that should be learned and exercised starting from a young age. Included at the end are additional questions to help initiate a dialogue with your child. This book is one of a kind. Incredible!

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This book teaches kids such an important idea!!! It teaches kids about their inner voice and their inner knowing-- these are the roots of all major decisions for kids, especially in this day and age.  Children encounter so many difficult experiences and they need to learn to listen to their inner voice to make the right decision!!

This is a MUST READ for all children!

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My heart rejoices when I see a book that is so deep for children with such a beautiful message to help them see and hear themselves clearly .
It is a very deep book guised in a beautiful tale about a king who is talking to a soul ( thought it doesn't say soul in the book) about the world
that it is good that there is beauty
but that people on earth have forgotten who they were and were not acting from the highest parts of themselves (grabbing, yelling...)
so he sends BIM down into the world to teach the world about the light in each of us.
It is a reflection of how each of us were sent to bring out the good and light in us and in those around us. and to see and look for it as well.
Thank You Shiri Sher for writing a book that pertains to all humanity and gives us and our children the opportunity to see and feel the true beauty of us.

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